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Final Comment about Gnostics as Seekers: 

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Our task is to learn about them, be inspired, but more importantly for ourselves to become in today's world, open and modern "seekers of God."     

Most Christians identify themselves as "believers."  Unfortunately, to the world, "believer" often implies, “we are right, and everyone else is wrong!"  Many of us, however, believe in Christ but we are seekers as we do not claim our beliefs are the final "word" or "answer."

Indeed, since the Orthodox victory, with the direct aid of Constantine, the fundamentalists' and the literalist' voices have defined Christianity and reigned supreme to this day. Their voice will not go away. Therefore, it is not the intent to condemn those who choose and need this way of Christianity. But there is a different way for those who believe Jesus' mission was different than hard-line beliefs.

    It is now clear that many early Christians, classified as a whole as Gnostics, were seekers. They had their beliefs, some strange, some beautiful, but they never set their beliefs in stone and said, "this is it!"  "Believe as we do or go to hell!" Rather, they sought what was true for both the world and God using all kinds of knowledge. With the advancement of knowledge since their time, we know they were not always right. But they were Christians who kept the door of truth for both the world and God, “ajar!" 


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