What the gnostic books reveal is that the gnostic style of faith is a different way to be Christian.  It is to reject the fundamentalist's way to simply "believe" and that is it!  It rejects the Biblical literalists, rejects those who say just accept the Creeds, rejects those who say orthodox Christian doctrine explains it all.  It is to reject those who say Christianity means accept Jesus or go to hell!

It promotes that Christ's intent was more a spiritual relationship to God rather than the establishment of a "belief system."

It supports that today's scientific knowledge can deepen our understanding ourselves, others, and God.

You are for a style of Christianity that is open, honest, and free of authoritarian, absolute "answers."

It protests those who say they have the corner on truth.

It celebrates diversity, as in the Gnostic tradition, rather than saying all Christians must believe or worship the same way.  

The Gnostics were seekers of God!  So by signing on for the "Seeking Christians Newsletter" is to register oneself foremost as a seeker more than being only a believer.  It does not make you a "Gnostic" nor does it say you accept all their beliefs. But it declares, as the Gnostics, seeking God is more important than finding God by a certain belief or dogma. 

​ Summary

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The Gnostics would have translated the Greek work "pisteuw"-- trust -- rather than "believe."  And for the Greek word "sothes" or "sother" -- to make whole -- rather than "saved," realizing that life without a spiritual dimension is incomplete.  Such interpretations would have dramatically made the landscape of Christianity to be dynamic, open, and contemporary rather than a belief system with which to judge the righteousness or sinfulness of others.


The gnostic way to be a Christian is to be on a journey with Christ, finding oneness with God through what the Gnostics called "gnosis" -- pronounced "nos-ses," or for their followers, as "naws-tics." As you may have learned in the other pages, gnosis is a way to be with God, to let Christ bring comfort, love, and wholeness to oneself and others. It should be clear the gnostic style of faith is not an alternative to being Christian, but  it is a way to improve, deepen, and free how one goes about trusting Christ. It is a beautiful and loving way to be a Christian. Christ's call is today, as always, to be a modern and open seeker of God.                                                

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When you sign up for the "Seeking Christians Newsletter," you are not joining a group but become a part of a "network."   Your information is private and will never be sold.  You can indicate you may like to be a part of a group if ever created, but for now it implies:  

You become a part of Christians across denominational lines who support that the gnostic style, at least, needs to be considered and heard. 

Rather the gnostic way to be Christian was a more spiritual path. Knowing Jesus preached in parables, not laying forth doctrines or creeds, opposing religious hard-liners, they believed his message was to open a way for persons to relate directly to God. His purpose was not to elevate or idolize the past, as Christianity has done essentially, but to declare a living relationship with the Spirit of God, available and open to all.